Client Stories
Coffee Republic
One of our first Coffee shop clients. We worked with Sahar Hashemi in 1995 with her new venture supplying uniforms for the first store opening, fast forward 10 years and we had supplied uniforms to over 100 stores.
ITSU Restaurant
We first worked with Julian Metcalf at Pret A Manger. Julian developed the Itsu concept in 1997 and we're happy to say we still work with them today.
McQueens Flowers
McQueens Flowers say they "Tell stories with flowers" and how true it is, flick over to their website so see how amazing they really are
Seattle Coffee Company
in 1993 Seattle Coffee Co expanded their successful business to the UK and swiftly became 64 stores before selling to Starbucks Coffee Co. We supplied uniforms to Seattle Coffee Co then Starbucks for over 10 years
Chozen Noodle
Chow Asian Kitchen
Arlo's Kitchen
What an amazing client, we supplied their 13 stores with uniforms until the tax man turned up and closed them down for suspected money laundering (luckily we did get paid)
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